Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Do you think elementary school students dating stupid?

Some may say that dating in elementary school is stupid because there just little kids and dating is nothing but giggling to your friends that you have a "boyfriend". But it can also be good for kids because it can build their social skills with the opposite sex. Dating when your in kindergarten is a little out of the limits. In kindergarten you are just building all of of your skills and your just to little to understand what dating is. As you get older dating is ok, such as grade 4,5 and 6. They can somewhat act like there dating and can be good for them when they get to be adults and dating becomes more serious and can lead to something bigger such as marriage. As you get to be grade 7 and 8 you are more mature and talking to the opposite sex is easier. But this can just make things harder because then when your dating your boyfriend/girlfriend can get jelouse when you are talking to an opposite that isnt your boyfriend/girlfriend, and when this happens fights happen and it get even more complicated then when your younger.
I would say that my opinion on if dating is appopriate for elementary school is that if your mature enough for it and its not gonna wreck all your relationships with friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend then go for it but if you cant handle it .. wait till your older .